Growing and Fostering Software Craftsmanship

(Invited talk, 45 min) [ Video , iPhone/iPod/Apple TV video ]

Author(s): Cory Foy (Cory Foy, LLC)
Session: Software craft
Session chair: Jessica Hildrum (Objectware)
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 10:30-12:00
Software Craftsmanship is sometimes dismissed as being only for individual developers and/or boutique software shops. However, the practices and principles of craftsmanship are just as vital and valid to large organizations as individuals. In this talk, Cory will cover practices and approaches for adopting craftsmanship in your organization. We'll cover specific exercises, organizational challenges, and how to influence both organizational and team-level acceptance.
Bio:Cory Foy is an agile developer, consultant and coach with a passion for looking at the entire system within an organization. His background consists of highly technical positions in Java, Ruby, .NET and C#, including working for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer debugging critical enterprise applications in .NET and C#, developing mobile applications using J2ME and Objective-C and building client-side applications for financial transfer using C#. Cory has also been a coach leading agile transitions with large distributed teams and a frequent speaker at conferences including the SQE Agile Development Practices conference and the Software Craftsmanship North America conference. He’s also very passionate about the development community, helping start or run user groups in Florida, North Carolina and Missouri, and serving as the Global Community Liaison for the Scrum Alliance.
Cory Foy

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