Kanban at an Insurance Company (Are You Sure?)

(Experience report, 30 min) [ Video , iPhone/iPod/Apple TV video ]

Author(s): Olav Maassen (QNH AD&S) and Jasper Sonnevelt (ASR Insurance)
Session: Kanban
Session chair: Juhani Iivari (University of Oulu)
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 15:30-17:00
ASR Insurance, one of the top 3 insurance companies in the Netherlands is transitioning their IT maintenance and operations from a more traditional approach to Kanban. They started small with 1 team and slowly increased to 7 teams to gain experience. Due to the positive results they are now in the middle of transitioning 200 people to their new environment. This experience report highlights the experiences gained by the first implementing during the initial phase of the Kanban implementation. This report reflects both the practicing perspective and the coaching perspective.

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