Agile Undercover: When Customers Don't Collaborate

(Research paper, 30 min) [ Slides ]

Author(s): Rashina Hoda, James Noble and Stuart Marshall (Victoria University of Wellington)
Session: Collaboration
Session chair: Angela Martin (University of Waikato)
Date: Thursday, 3 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 13:30-15:00
CustomercollaborationisvitaltoAgileprojects.ThroughaGrounded Theory study of New Zealand and Indian Agile teams we discovered that lack of customer involvement was causing problems in gathering and clarifying re- quirements, loss of productivity, and business loss. “Agile Undercover” allows development teams to practice Agile despite insufficient or ineffective customer involvement. We present the causes and consequences of lack of customer in- volvement on Agile projects and describe the Agile Undercover strategies used to overcome them.

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