"Condi" - a tool to include the customer into the project

(Lightning talk, 10 min)

Author(s): Steinar Line (Kantega)
Session: Collaboration
Session chair: Angela Martin (University of Waikato)
Date: Thursday, 3 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 13:30-15:00
Kantega has for more than a decade developed web applications using Open Aksess, a open source CMS, for customers with differering needs. The general rule is that customers have strong opinions of design and functionality. Also customers tend to always be very busy. The recent year Kantega has developed Condi, a tool allowing for easy deployment of latest builds of a web application out to a prototype server. By allowing the customer access to this server and using functionality in Condi to deploy the latest build, the customer may inspect what is developed so far and give instant feedback.

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