How to Engage Subcontractors in Scrum Projects?

(Lightning talk, 10 min) [ Slides ]

Author(s): Jakub Rudzki (Solita Oy)
Session: Collaboration
Session chair: Xiaofeng Wang (Lero)
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 10:30-12:00
This talk presents a few practices used for building a working Scrum team with subcontractors. The practices are based on experiences gained in working with subcontractors. The emphasis of the talk is put on personal contact, equality, and fun as elements engaging all team members into a Scrum project. The practices are presented at general level with a few specific examples. The content of the talk is based on a book chapter _'Considering Subcontractors in Distributed Scrum Teams'_ that will be presented at workshop:

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