Prototypes are forever Evolving from a prototype project to a full-featured system

(Experience report, 30 min) [ Slides ]

Author(s): Hugo Corbucci, Mariana V. Bravo, Alexandre Freire da Silva, and Fernando Freire da Silva (Agilbits)
Session: User Stories
Session chair: Tore Dybå (SINTEF)
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 10:30-12:00
Prototypes are a well known, widely accepted development practice but, if not carefully evolved, they can become a nightmare to maintain. This paper presents the experience of a four person agile team who successfully grew a prototyped system to a full-featured application without any clear transition in the project. The paper describes how the project started with a very simple prototyping goal, evolved through iterations and spikes to a partly working system and transformed, in the end, in a complete application widely tested and refactored.

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