Open Space

(Open Space, 4 hours)

Author(s): Charlie Pool and Diana Larsen
Session: Open Space

Session chair:
Date: Thursday, 3 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 19:30-24:00
Welcome to Open Space at XP2010! Open Space’s self-directed learning environment will help you integrate and extend the information and experiences you’ve gained during the rest of XP2010. Open Space provides an opportunity to meet in self-organizing groups to share your latest ideas, challenges, questions, hopes, experiences and experiments. The Open Space format gives just enough structure to foster collaboration and take direction from those who choose to participate. Make this conference your own. Commit to attending the opening on Thursday evening, offer your ideas about important topics to explore, and attend sessions Thursday night and/or Friday.
More on Open Space Technology:
Open Space at XP2010 runs on a large group process called Open Space Technology. ( ) It’s a simple way to run productive meetings for any size group (up to thousands) and a powerful way to guide your own learning.
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