Is Agile Research Dead in the Water?

(Panel, 90 min)

Author(s): Frank Maurer (Host ) - University of Calgary
participants: Pekka Abbrahamson, Angela Martin, Steven Fraser, Michael Feathers, Torgeir Dingsøyr, Jutta Eckstein
Session: Panel: Is Agile Research Dead in the Water?
Session chair:
Date: Wednesday, 2 June 2010: Main Conference
Time: 13:30-15:00
The goal of the panel is to discuss if there is a point in researching agile methods and, if so, what this point is. It asks how researchers contribute to the agile community and where their impact is.. Process/Mechanics. Conferences on agile methods are running for more then 10 years now. In research papers, we are observing a trend towards more sound research and deeper empirical studies. At the same time, agile methods are flourishing in industry. Nevertheless, it seems that the two realms - industry and academia - are quite separate and not well aligned. The panel will discuss where innovation is created, what research contributes to innovation, which research methods are appropriate in fast moving domains and where research impacts industrial practice.

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