XP2010 videos and slides

A Journey towards Structured Chaos - Destination: Google Video iPod video
A Literature Review on Story Test Driven Development Slides
A Quantitative Comparison of Test-first and Test-last Code in ... Slides
A Systematic and Lightweight Method to Identify Dependencies B... Slides
Adoption of Team Estimation in a Specialist Organizational Env... Slides
Agile Interaction Design and Test-Driven Development of User I... Slides
Agile Methods may Discourage Quality Slides
Agile Undercover: When Customers Don't Collaborate Slides
Agile fails without Craftsmanship Video iPod video Slides
Agile self-help through Communities of Practice Slides
An Ideal Customer - A Grounded Theory of Requirements Elicitat... Slides
An Ongoing Story about Agile Adoption Slides
An agile tragedy - the agile practitioner visits the liquor store Slides
Applying SCRUM in an OSS Development Process: an Empirical Eva... Slides
Architected Agile Solutions for Software-Reliant Systems Slides
Architecture-Centric Development in Globally Distributed Projects Slides
Are you ready for Change? Slides
Auto-tagging Emails with User Stories Using Project Contex Slides
Automated Acceptance Testing of High Capacity Network Gateway Slides
Beauty is in simplicity Video iPod video Slides
Being able to Code does not make you a Good Developer! Slides
Being an Agile Manager Slides
Catalyzing Lean - Building a Limited WIP Society in your Organ... Video iPod video Slides
Change Requires Drive-Driven Personality Slides
Code should be Improved, not Thrown Away! Slides
Collaboration in an Agile World Video iPod video
Communication in Context: a Stimulus-Response account of Agile... Slides
Continuous Open Space Slides
Dealing with Navigation and Interaction Requirement Changes in... Slides
Design and Development in the “Agile Room”: Trialing Scrum at ... Slides
Diagnosing Organizational Culture: Can Agile work in My Company? Video iPod video Slides
Distributed Meetings in Distributed Teams Slides
Distributed requirement handling Slides
Done Considered Harmful Video iPod video Slides
Energy project story, from waterfall to distributed Agile Slides
Experiences Introducing TDD with BDD Concepts to a Legacy Code... Slides
Extending Refactoring Guidelines to Perform Client and Test Co... Slides
Extreme Product Line Engineering - Refactoring for Variability... Slides
Feedback and Retrospectives in Agile Projects Slides
Flight of the Agile Slides
From Chaos to Kanban, via Scrum Video iPod video
From a timebox tangle to a more flexible flow Video iPod video Slides
From exotic to mainstream: A 10-year odyssey from Internet spe... Slides
Generate Characterization Tests for Legacy Code from existing ... Slides
Google Culture Ideal for Agile & Kanban? Video iPod video
Great Scrum Masters Slides
Growing and Fostering Software Craftsmanship Video iPod video
How to Engage Subcontractors in Scrum Projects? Slides
How to develop an agile developer Slides
Improving Responsiveness, Bug Detection, and Delays in a Burea... Slides
Improving software quality with Kanban Video iPod video Slides
Introducing Agile Methods in a Large Software Development Team... Slides
Introducing Agile Methods in a Large Software Development Team... Slides
Kanban at an Insurance Company (Are You Sure?) Video iPod video
Kano-weighting: Prioritizing you user stories Slides
Key concepts from Lean to bring agility to the enterprise Slides
Launchpad's Quest For A Better And Agile User Interface Slides
Lessons Learnt working with a Remote Scrum Team in Bangalore Slides
Lessons from a Software Engineering Dojo: The MSE at Carnegie... Slides
Leveraging Diversity in Parallel: Perspective, Heuristics, and... Video iPod video
Making GUI Testing Productive and Agile Slides
Monkey Business (Loss aversion) Slides
My Agile Suitcase Video iPod video
Organizational Culture and the Deployment of Agile Methods: Th... Video iPod video
Planning in Scrumproject Slides
Product and Release Planning Practices for Extreme Programming Slides
Project Management Knowledge Areas in Agile Projects Slides
Prototypes are forever Evolving from a prototype project to a ... Slides
Prove it and Ship it! Slides
Put it to the Test: Using Lightweight Experiments to Improve T... Slides
Representing the Product Owner Slides
Scrumban: from Scrum to Kanban in 10 easy steps! Video iPod video Slides
Security Extensions for Agile Methods Slides
Security Testing in Agile Web Application Development - A Case... Slides
So You Think You’re Agile? Slides
Stealth Scrum: 3 years after Slides
Structuring Complexity Issues for Efficient Realization of Agi... Slides
Tech Challenges in a Large-Scale Agile Project Slides
Technical Debt is Good Slides
The Five Habits of Successful Lean Development Video iPod video Slides
The Product Backlog hinders Value Creation Slides
The Safety Net of Functional Web Testing Slides
The top six Technical Practices every Product Owner must know ... Slides
Three ‘C’s of agile practice: collaboration, co-ordination and... Slides
Towards Understanding Communication Structure in Pair Programming Slides
Towards and Understanding of the Conceptual Underpinnings of A... Slides
Transaction Analysis – An aid for improving personal interacti... Slides
UI Prototyping in Agile Software Projects Slides
Usability testing in Agile Land Slides
Using Code Review to Increase Quality and Strengthen the Team Slides
Values and Assumptions Shaping Agile Development and User Expe... Slides
We are trained to avoid responsibility. How to find a way to b... Video iPod video Slides
Who killed the digital nomad? Slides